Sync issues: recommended workflow for 60p video?

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    Hi Francis,

    Thanks for providing such a useful free program! Rare to see generosity like this.

    I’m fairly new to the subtitling process, and have been looking for the smoothest free method. So, I’ve been using YouTube’s interface (since some of the video is going to be published there anyway) to manually write out and time subtitles, and then downloading the .srt. When I tried to convert to fcpxml using SubSimple, I found after importing into Final Cut Pro X that it goes out of sync after a while. I realized that I’m working with 59.94p video in FCP, and SubSimple doesn’t have an option over 30fps. I’m not sure if YouTube maintains the 59.94p frame rate when I upload there to generate subtitles.

    Do you have a recommendation of how I could nonetheless use your program to go from the YouTube generated SRT to FCP subtitles? And also what the best way is to make sure the fcpxml lines up perfectly in the video (since the converted SubSimple file is not the same length as the video).

    I’d rather avoid downgrading my projects to 30p just to line up with 30p subtitles, if possible.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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