Francis Hanneman

Technical Eye, Creative Heart, Playful Mind.

Hi! I’m Francis Hanneman, a passionate visual storyteller who enjoys the technical craft of cinema in service of the creative process.

From the excitement of image acquisition to the magic of editing, I’m always ready to collaborate in the creation of inspiring stories.

I’ve worked in production on IMAX shoots as a camera technician, DIT, Stereographer and DP. I’ve finished over 100 film and television shows, sometimes color grading, sometimes online editing, and often doing both

With an extensive technical background, I am practical and DIY when necessary. I have experience from pre-production to distribution and understand the technical aspects of production and post-production as well as animation, motion graphics and VFX. Drawing on this expertise I can create and produce videos efficiently, with a full picture of what’s essential to tell great stories.

I enjoy inventing new tools and software to make life & work more fun!
– Pop Cargo: detachable heavy-duty bike rack
– SpinnerG: gyroscopic engine for toy cars
– Key Commander: a tactile computer shortcut system
– Kubic Keycap: relegendable backlit keycaps
– SubSimple: subtitle conversion and formatting program for Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve
– Solarion: a solar-powered city bicycle light

Core Competencies:

+ Technical expertise of post-production pipeline:
Animation, Editing, VFX, color grading, data management, onlining

+ Professional camera and lighting:
Cinematography, DIT, stereography, camera assistant

+ Proficiency with on-set production:
Union-trained, non-active AQTIS/IATSE Cinematographer

+ Experience in many types of production environments: American studio system, IMAX, TV series, animation, documentary, corporate and non-profit

I love moving around the city on my bike. Each day that I ride marks a new adventure. Looking forward to collaborating on great projects!