Subtitling Formats

Timecode vs Timestamp

Subtitles are timed to appear on screen at specific times.  Depending on the video format and the subtitle display method, the timing can be encoded in either Timecode or Timestamp. TIMESTAMP Example (SRT): 00:00:04,204 –> 00:00:10,143 This method encodes time in milliseconds. Timestamp has the advantage of being timecode independent and is used in subtitling systems that operate in parallel to the video display. One common usage for SRT timestamp title is to display closed captioning on YouTube videos. The […]

SCC – Sonic Scenarist File Format

The SCC file format is the standard for closed-captioning in North American broadcast television. The file contains positioning, style, color and timing information encoded using hexadecimal values. If you open the file in a text browser, the information will not be readily legible, but you can decode the information using this handy guide and in-depth explanation of SCC format encoding. The SCC file is not very practical to edit and is used mostly as a delivery file.  Generally, SCC files are produced by companies […]

XML – FCP7 xml

The XML file used to import and export editing information from the original Final Cut Pro editing application is generally referred to FCP7 XML. Final Cut Pro 7.0.3 was that last version of Final Cut classic available before the upgrade to Final Cut X. FCP7 uses XML version 5, and it is this version that has become a standard for Adobe Products (Premiere and After Effects) as well as DaVinci Resolve. Subtitle information is usually encoded into the FCP7 format […]

TXT – Avid DS

The AVID DS format is a basic text (.txt) document that contains timecode and subtitle content, as well as basic header information. The advantage of this format is that it is easily shareable and editable by anyone with a text editor. This is useful for translation and content editing. However, the AVID DS file does not include any formatting or positioning, all this must be done inside the SubCap tool in AVID after importing. AVID DS TXT is exported from […]

FCPXML – Final Cut Pro X

fcpxml is the XML file used to import/export editing information from the Final Cut Pro X editing program. After each major FCPX upgrade, there is also a version upgrade to the fcpxml version. These are the latest versions: fcpxml version 1.5 (FCPX 10.2.3) fcpxml version 1.6 (FCPX 10.3) One major advantage of the fcpxml format is that it can be used to import and export subtitle information in DaVinci Resolve, as well as Final Cut Pro X. Another advantage to using fcpxml […]

SRT – SubRip Title

*Note: SRT files from certain software will omit the first title when converted with SubSimple. Re-save the SRT file in TextEdit (Mac) or WordPad (PC) and SubSimple will be able to read all your titles. The SRT subtitle format is the subtitle file outputted by the open source SubRip program. The SubRip program uses optical character recognition to convert video burn-in subtitles into a subtitle text file, with the .srt extension (SubRip Title). The .srt extension can be opened and […]