Post Production Services

Let’s collaborate!

Trust your film finishing to an experienced technical and creative professional.

With over 10 years of finishing experience, I can efficiently guide your project
from Picture Lock to Delivery and make sure it looks it’s absolute best.


– Conform to DaVinci Resolve from : AVID, Premiere Pro, FCP 7, FCPX
– Professional frame-rate conversion and analysis
– Archival footage treatment
– Photo and imagery animation and treatment
– Aspect ratio standardization and versioning

– Colour grading using DaVinci Resolve (7 years experience, over 100 shows)
– Good understanding of client needs and vision
– Access to top quality de-noise, film grain and other plugins to refine your look
– Fast and efficient work thanks to my custom control surface
– Powerhouse PC workstation capable of real-time 4K grading on 4K-UHD client screen.

– Master file delivery according to project/client specs
– Stabilization
– VFX (Masking, tracking, hiding, etc)
– Motion graphics and animation
– Title design
– Scrolling credit design and renders
– Audio track assignment for final mix integration
– Audio check (Sync + Levels)
– Subtitles, Import/Export lists, styles, content, timing, placement
– Custom Test pattern countdown slate for delivery

– Can deliver shows according to leading worldwide broadcasters specifications
– Closed captions integration
– HD, 2K, UHD, 4K + custom resolutions.
– High quality encode for H264/H265 deliverables, in custom aspect ratios
(square for Facebook, DCI Scope for Vimeo)
– iTunes delivery packages
– DCP packages (XYZ mapping, JPEG 2000 encoding, MXF assembly, DCP compile)
– Encode and program DVD and BluRay deliverables

Broadcaster deliverables

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Festival / Cinema deliverables

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